2021-06-16 DSP In the Cloud: Emerging Technology Is Here to Stay - Teri Grossheim

DSP In the Cloud: Emerging Technology Is Here to Stay

Speaker: Teri Grossheim 

Wednesday, June 16, 2021

6:00 PM to 7:00 PM CST

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Cloud computing has now planted itself firmly into the mainstream of our technological world. Digital Signal Processing (DSP) can be described as the digital representation of analog signals - whether that be sound, video/film, voice, etc. - which can be manipulated via computation (or mathematically) for a desired result.

DSP has historically been in the domain of a hardware-driven architecture, so what does that mean in the world of cloud computing? With hardware devices becoming smaller, ranging from smartphones to wearables, cloud computing is becoming more important for practical applications.

Since quality is a serious consideration in the world of sound (as well as imagery), can cloud computing produce the same results as a hardware-based system? The world of DSP is now adapting to advances in information communication technology to support our daily lives which increasingly require both high quality sound, video, and images. Do popular cloud service providers such as AWS or Google Cloud address DSP in their documentation and/or support, and if so what is their stance on the topic?

Since we are at the beginning stages of DSP “in the cloud”, we are on the ‘edge’ of its application in emerging areas such as IoT and AI. I’ll provide a historical background on DSP basics, its current state in technological applications, and perhaps what we can anticipate moving forward.

Teri Grossheim is a Lead Technologist / Associate with Booz Allen Hamilton. She holds both an MBA with specializations in information systems and consumer insights (DePaul) and a M.S. in Music Technology from Indiana University - Purdue University Indianapolis (Indiana University, summa cum laude).

Teri earned a B.M. in Recording Technology (cum laude) from the University of Wisconsin - Oshkosh. As part of her studies at UWO, she completed internships in the SF Bay Area, including interning at Oakland-based Studio 880/Jingletown Recording where she worked with artists including Green Day and The Network.

After graduate school, Teri worked at Chicago-based audio software startup WaveMachine Labs, and the DePaul University School of Music as an IT Manager and Applications Developer. She also worked as a Solution Architect at United Airlines, where she was an IT consultant for a mobile device environment co-supported by Apple & IBM.

Since 2011, Teri's career has mainly focused on working alongside Apple to engineer Mac and iOS deployments for Fortune 500/enterprise, small business, financial, government, healthcare, and education customers where she was part of the team to help build Apple's supply chain. She's worked on strategic projects for Apple in healthcare and education, including pre-sales engineering for Chicago Public Schools / Apple's 'Everyone Can Code' initiative. She has held international, regional, and domestic positions with the Audio Engineering Society, and was served on committees for their conventions.


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