2013-10-15 Robert C. Martin

A joint Chicago Chapter ACM / Loyola University Computer Science Department / Chicago Java Users Group meeting

Clojure, up-close and personal: The Orbit Kata

Speaker: Robert C. Martin (Uncle Bob)

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

5:30 pm (Social Hour, light refreshments)

6:15 pm Presentation



Loyola University Corboy Law Center, Room 0211

25 East Pearson Street, Chicago, IL 60611

Campus map

Admission: Free, Reservations Required, General Admission, open to the public

In this session you will learn Clojure by following along with Uncle Bob, step by step, and test-case by test-case, through the design of a simple Swing/Clojure orbital simulator app. Along the way you'll learn the value of Functional Programming, how (and why!) to design applications that use it, and why Clojure is the next important language that you should master. This session will be extremely challenging! Plan on requiring an hour or so of down-time to allow your neuronal excitation to exponentially decay to safe levels. 

Robert C. Martin (Uncle Bob) has been a programmer since 1970 and is Master Craftsman at 8th Light inc, founder and president of Uncle Bob Consulting LLC, and Object Mentor Inc., international firms that offer software consulting, training, and skill development services to major corporations worldwide.

Mr. Martin has published dozens of articles in various trade journals, and is a regular speaker at international conferences and trade shows.

Mr. Martin has authored and edited many books including:

-  Designing Object Oriented C++ Applications using the Booch Method

-  Patterns Langauages of Program Design 3

-  More C++ Gems

-  Extreme Programming in Practice

-  Agile Software Development: Principles, Patterns, and Practices.

-  UML for Java Programmers

-  Clean Code

-  The Clean Coder

A leader in the industry of software development, Mr. Martin served three years as the editor-in-chief of the C++ Report, and he served as the first chairman of the Agile Alliance.

While there will be light refreshments available, feel free to "brown bag" it and bring in food from the outside to eat during the social hour.

Thanks to Freddy Guime from the Chicago Java Users Group for recording a screencast and audio of this event. Video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SYeDxWKftfA

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