2009-12-16 Mobile Game Development - Justin C. Moore, Metamoorephesis

A joint ACM/Loyola University Computer Science Department meeting

Mobile Game Development

Speaker:  Justin C. Moore, Metamoorephesis

Wednesday, December 16, 2009 

5:30 pm -6:30 pm (Social Hour)

6:30 pm Presentation

Loyola University Water Tower Campus (Chicago/Michigan Area)

820 N. Michigan, Chicago IL 60611

Beane Ballroom (13th Floor, Lewis Towers)

Campus map

Admission: Free (General Admission, No Reserved Seats).

Please RSVP on the Chicago ACM website (chicagoacm.org)

The video game industry has been revolutionized by both by digital distribution and the emergence of development platforms providing hobbyists, enthusiasts, and small businesses opportunities to create software for popular consumer hardware like iPhone, Android, and Xbox 360.  Now, given access to these new technologies, countless individuals see an opportunity to enter the attractive but difficult to break into video game industry.

Justin C. Moore, Co-Founder and Game Director of Chicago Mobile Developer Metamoorephosis Games, will share his story of developing the game bitFLIP for the iPhone -- which covers game design mantras, basic iPhone and OpenGL ES programming tips, and the N+1 rules of meta-prototyping (the company's home brewed methodology for iterative development). 

Just before graduating from MIT with a bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering, Justin decided that he wanted to make video games for a living.  Just after graduation, he returned to Chicago and enrolled in Flashpoint Academy's Game Development Program.  Just over 2 years later and with only a few years of OO programming experience, Justin spearheaded the launch of his company's first game of several games contracted with publisher Hands-On Mobile.  On the horizon for Justin and Metamoorephosis is the development of an In-Game Ad Platform that will re-write the rules of advertiser-gamer interactions.