2015-01-14 OpenStack - Ryan Aydelott

A joint Chicago Chapter ACM / Loyola University Computer Science Department meeting

At the Crossroads of HPC and Cloud Computing with OpenStack

Speaker: Ryan Aydelott

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

5:45 pm (Social Hour, light refreshments)

6:30 pm Presentation

Loyola University Water Tower Campus (Chicago/Michigan Area)

111 E. Pearson Street, Chicago IL 60611

Beane Ballroom (13th Floor, Lewis Towers) Campus map

Admission: Free, General Admission, open to the public

Traditionally, High Performance Computing (HPC) clusters have been purpose-built systems that are statically defined and deployed. But in the Cloud, we can move systems via software, allowing users to dynamically customize the system architecture to suit their workflow.  

While still young, HPC and the Cloud may be best described as “All Terrain Computing” due to its flexibility in tackling a variety of tasks. As an example, Argonne National Laboratory (ANL) is building an experimental cloud architecture running on a custom Openstack implementation.  

OpenStack, which began in 2010 as a joint project of NASA and RackSpace, is a cloud operating system that controls large pools of compute, storage, and networking resources. The infrastructure can be controlled via many software tools whether they are web-based, command-line or of the RESTful API variety.

The ANL OpenStack system tackles a number of problems over many fields such as Bioinformatics, X-ray Photon Correlation Spectroscopy, and Cosmology. All of these projects place unique workloads requirements on the HPC/Cloud system.



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Ryan Aydelott began his career in datacenter networking, supporting the Internet Server Provider (ISP) industry throughout the 90’s. A move into telecom led to work with experimental wireless systems. He then shifted to the startup culture, where he built the infrastructure to support many rapidly growing companies. Currently his work involves data-focused cloud computing environments and supporting scientific workflows at ANL. 

While there will be light refreshments available, feel free to "brown bag" it and bring in food from the outside to eat during the social hour.


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