2012-06-13 Clojure - Tyler Jennings

A joint Chicago Chapter ACM / Loyola University Computer Science Department meeting

Bootstrapping Clojure at Groupon

Speaker: Tyler Jennings, Groupon

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

5:30 pm (Social Hour, light refreshments)

6:30 pm Presentation



Loyola University Water Tower Campus (Chicago/Michigan Area)

111 E. Pearson Street, Chicago IL 60611

Beane Ballroom (13th Floor, Lewis Towers) Campus map

Admission: Free, General Admission

This story starts out literally like a movie - millions of dollars on the line and the clock is ticking. We had a large dataset we needed to run expensive calculations on and our existing tools couldn't cut it. Clojure came to our rescue with its wonderful combination of simplicity and performance. But that's just the beginning. I'll also tell the tale of how our little Clojure script grew up. I'll talk about how we constructed our test suite, our experience refactoring Clojure, and the delicate art of introducing new developers to their first Lisp.

About Tyler Jennings: I burn my daylight hours helping Groupon change the world of local commerce. Previously I was a principal consultant at Obtiva, a well-known Agile development shop. I'm involved in numerous developer communities and have presented at many conference and user group meetings across the United States. My recent interests include functional & multi-paradigm languages and genetic algorithms. I reside in Chicago with my wife and two children.

While there will be light refreshments available, feel free to "brown bag" it and bring in food from the outside to eat during the social hour.

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