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The Chicago Chapter of the ACM is a local professional chapter of the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM). Read more about our parent organization on their website.

The Chicago Chapter holds public meetings once a month during our program year (September - June). We typically meet on the second Wednesday of the month. See our home page or meetup.com page for the schedule of upcoming meetings.

2018-2019 Officers


Valentina Kibuyaga is an Information Technology professional who has worked with data analytics in the non-profit and public sectors. Her experience includes using relational databases to convert data to information, and information to knowledge, and knowledge to intelligence for discovering insights.

She is advancing her passion for the "information economy" via Big Data, data science, machine learning and artificial intelligence by applying her knowledge through various certifications, such as Cloud Practitioner, Certified Product Associate, as well as attaining the Solutions Architect Certifications.

She is enthusiastic about the Big Data technology ecosystem, Mathematics, and Economics, because combined they can solve problems and address the world's inequities.

She also enjoys volunteering with the Bank of America marathon.


Alvin Chin is a Senior Researcher in Machine Learning at BMW Technology Corporation, Chicago of the BMW Group. His research interests include connected car, machine learning, big data, mobile social networking, and ubiquitous computing. Dr. Chin has authored more than 30 publications and 10 patents, including pending. He received a PhD in Computer Science from the University of Toronto and previously worked for Nokia Research Center, Nokia and Microsoft in Beijing, China. He is actively involved in the data science and machine learning communities in Chicago and is currently Director of Media for ACM Chicago and Industry Co-Chair of IEEE Vehicular Technology Conference in Chicago. He can be contacted at alvin.chin@bmwna.com and more about Dr. Chin can be found at his website http://www.alvinychin.com

Treasurer / Secretary:

Greg Neumarke has contributed to the Chicago Chapter of the ACM for many years now, previously serving terms as Chair, Secretary, and Treasurer. He holds a Computer Science degree from North Park University in Chicago, and is now employed there as a Systems Analyst.

Past Officers (work in progress)

Season Chair  Vice Chair Secretary Treasurer
 2017-2018 Robert David Hernandez  Valentina Kibuyaga  Greg Neumarke
 2016-2017 Robert David Hernandez Sebastian Borza  Greg Neumarke
 2014-2016 Sharan Kalwani M T  Greg Neumarke
 2012-2014 Ron Greenberg Andrew Klein Udayan Das Greg Neumarke
 2011-2012 Anushka Anand Andrew Klein Ilia Smirnov Greg Neumarke
 2010-2011 Richard Lee  M T Greg Neumarke  
 2009-2010 Richard Lee  M T  Greg Neumarke  Stephan V Bechtolsheim 
 2008-2009 Richard Lee  M T Noula Kotsopodis  Stephan V Bechtolsheim 
 2007-2008 Greg Neumarke M T James Thompson  Richard Lee 
 2006-2007 Greg Neumarke M T James Thompson Richard Lee 
 2005-2006 Greg Neumarke Jon Tonkin  Steve Coxhead  Richard Lee 
 2004-2005 Jon Tonkin  Richard Lee  Steve Coxhead  Greg Neumarke
 2003-2004    Greg Neumarke
 2002-2003 James Thompson   

Past Chairpersons as listed in the 40th Anniversary Booklet
 Season Chair
 2000-2002 John Garton
 1998-2000 Greg Neumarke
 1997-1998 Albert K. Hawkes
 1996-1997 Steven L. Coxhead
 1995-1996 Conrad H. Weisert
 1994-1995 Gale Capps
 1993-1994 Paul Hamper
 1992-1993 Gale Capps
 1990-1992 Paul Hamper
 1998-1990 Linda Mock Abbe
 1986-1988 Evelyn L. Marsh
 1984-1986 Steven L. Coxhead
 1983-1984 Sharon Pyrc Kaminecki
 1981-1983 Kenneth Zoline
 1979-1981 Robert E. Sargent
 1978-1979 George R. Kraft
 1977-1978 Joseph Leubitz
 1976-1977 Alan R. Hirsch
 1975-1976 Melvyn H. Schwartz
 1974-1975 Herman W. Nelson
 1974 Clifton Merry
 1973 Conrad H. Weisert
 1972-1973 Frederick H. Harris
 1971-1972 Raymond Dash
 1970-1971 Antanas V. Dundzila
 1969-1970 Kenneth T. Orr
 1968-1969 Mary W. Owen
 1967-1968 Benjamin Mittman
 1966-1967 Peter G. Lykos
 1965-1966 Arthur Wachowski
 1964-1965 Robert L. Ashenhurst
 1963-1964 Wayne R. Cowell

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