2009-04-17 The Path to Artificial Life, Larry Yaeger
2009-06-10 Ioke : A folding language, Firewalls and IPCop
2009-10-27 Serious Games, Maria Klawe - ACM Distinguished Speaker
2009-11-12 Scaling the Web with Prudence, Tal Liron
2009-12-16 Mobile Game Development - Justin C. Moore, Metamoorephesis
2010-01-20 WPF: The Windows Desktop Reloaded, Marc Temkin
2010-02-17 Intellectual Property Law in the Internet Age, Kelly Kocinski
2010-03-17 Polyglot and Polyparadigm Programming, Dean Wampler, Ph.D.
2010-04-14 No-Nonsense, Google Android Workshop, Uki Dominque Lucas
2010-05-12 What Ever Happened to Software Quality? Conrad Weisert
2010-06-09 Trimming the Fat: An Intro to Lean Software Development, Griffin Caprio
2010-10-18 From Spider-Man to Avatar: Achieving Photoreal Digital Actors, Paul Debevec
2010-11-10 Avoiding the Fall of Babel: Using Standards to Enable Communication Between Health Care Systems, Michael Donnelly of Epic
2010-12-08 Modern Methods of Computer Network Protection, Zdenek Vrbka
2011-01-19 Mars Visualization Tool-Kit, Jami Montgomery
2011-02-16 Security-oriented Program Transformations (Or How to Add Security On Demand), Munawar Hafiz
2011-03-16 Social Networks and Political Revolution - Fact or Fiction? Panel Discussion
2011-04-13 Do You Believe in the Users? Brian Fitzpatrick
2011-05-11 web2py: Web Development Made Easy, Massimo Di Pierro
2011-09-14 Improving the Transit Experience with TransitGenie, Dr. Jakob Eriksson
2011-10-12 Using Mobile Phones to Evaluate and Improve Patient Mobility, Dr. Mark V. Albert, Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago
2011-11-16 Programming Our Bodies: The Parallels Between Computer Architecture and Human Architecture - Bill Guschwan
2012-01-18 Supercomputer in My Backyard, Papka
2012-02-15 Transforming Data into Stories and Insight: Scaling Human Editorial Judgment
2012-04-11 Opinion Spam Detection - Bing Liu
2012-05-16 MongoDB 101 - Ryan Fischer
2012-06-13 Clojure - Tyler Jennings
2012-09-00 Status
2012-09-19 Android App Inventor
2012-11-14 Mobile Apps
2012-12-12 Soundslice
2013-01-16 Software-Defined Radio
2013-03-13 Computational Finance Mark Bennett
2013-04-10 Agent-based Modeling with Repast Simphony - Michael North
2013-05-08 Validating 60,000 pages of API Bob Binder
2013-06-12 Google Web Audio
2013-09-24 OneC++ Herb-Sutter
2013-09 September 2013 Placeholder
2013-10-15 Robert C. Martin
2013-11-13 Every Click Leaves a Clue - Patrick Geahan
2013-12-11 Supercomputing - Sharan Kalwani
2014-01-15 Computer Science in schools Jake Baskin
2014-02-12 Big Data - Brian Freed
2014-03-12 Internet of Things - Craig Hartman
2014-04-09 Corporate Open Source - Vijay Gurbani
2014-05-19 Mobile Privacy Jim Lai
2014-06-25 Internet of Things - Steven Loving
2014-09-10 Web Security - Securing Untrusted Web Content in Browsers - Phu Phung
2014-10-08 Internet Skills Gap - Eszter Hargittai
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