Past Meeting Topics

 Date  Topic  Speaker        
 2014-06-25 Internet of Things: Everything You Wanted To Know But Didn't Know Who To Ask Steven Loving, Arrayent, Inc.
 2014-05-19 Privacy in a Mobile World: A much needed discussion Jim Lai, Prashant Kaushik, Daliah Saper
 2014-04-09 Corporate Open Source: Developing Industrial Software the Open Source Way Vijay Gurbani
 2014-02-12 Big Data Driven Innovation: Evolution or Revolution? Brian Freed of SGI
 2014-01-05 bring Computer Science classes to every K-12 school in the United States
 Jake Baskin
 2013-12-11 Supercomputing and You Sharan Kalwani
 2013-11-13 Every Click Leaves a Clue Patrick Geahan
 2013-10-15 Clojure, up-close and personal: The Orbit Kata Robert C. Martin (Uncle Bob)
 2013-09-24 "C++14 and Concepts" and "One C++" Bjarne Stroustrup and Herb Sutter
 2013-06-12 Playing and Programming the Google Web Audio Toolkit Speaker
 2013-05-08 Lessons Learned from Validating 60,000 pages of API Documentation Robert V. Binder
 2013-04-10 Hands-on Agent-based Modeling with Repast Simphony Dr. Michael J. North
 2013-03-13 Going to Monte Carlo: Simulation in Computational Finance Dr. Mark Bennett
 2013-01-16  Software-Defined Radio  Martin O'Shield & Shyu Lee
 2012-12-12  Behind the scenes of Soundslice  Adrian Holovaty
 2012-11-14  Those Who Can: A Faculty-Created Startup for Mobile Apps  Dr. Ronald Vetter, ACM Distinguished Lecturer
 2012-09-19  Hands-On Creation of Android Apps for Novices using App Inventor  Ronald Greenberg and William Honig
 2012-06-13  Bootstrapping Clojure at Groupon  Tyler Jennings, Groupon
 2012-05-16  MongoDB 101  Ryan Fischer, 20spokes
 2012-04-11  Opinion Spam Detection  Bing Liu
 2012-03-14  Addressing Data Challenges in Scientific Computing at Extreme Scales  Venkatram Vishwanath, Argonne National Laboratory
 2012-02-15  Transforming Data into Stories and Insight: Scaling Human Editorial Judgment  Dr. Larry Birnbaum, Narrative Science
 2012-01-18  There's a Supercomputer in My Backyard?  Michael E. Papka & Richard Coffey, Argonne National Labs
 2011-11-16  Programming Our Bodies: The Parallels Between Computer Architecture and Human Architecture Bill Guschwan
 2011-10-12  Using Mobile Phones to Evaluate and Improve Patient Mobility  Dr. Mark V. Albert, Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago 
 2011-09-14  Improving the Transit Experience with TransitGenie  Dr. Jakob Eriksson
 2011-05-11  web2py: Web Development Made Easy  Massimo Di Pierro
 2011-04-13  Do You Believe in the Users?  Brian Fitzpatrick 
 2011-03-16  Social Networks and Political Revolution - Fact or Fiction?  Panel Discussion: Steve Jones, Peter Schraeder, Peter Dordal
 2011-02-16  Security-oriented Program Transformations (Or How to Add Security On Demand)  Munawar Hafiz
 2011-01-19  Mars Visualization Tool-Kit  Jami Montgomery
 2010-12-08  Modern Methods of Computer Network Protection  Zdenek Vrbka
 2010-11-10  Avoiding the Fall of Babel: Using Standards to Enable Communication Between Health Care Systems  Michael Donnelly of Epic
 2010-10-18  From Spider-Man to Avatar: Achieving Photoreal Digital Actors  Paul Debevec
 2010-06-09  Trimming the Fat: An Intro to Lean Software Development  Griffin Caprio
 2010-05-12  What Ever Happened to Software Quality?  Conrad Weisert 
 2010-04-14  No-Nonsense, Google Android Workshop  Uki Dominque Lucas
 2010-03-17  Polyglot and Polyparadigm Programming  Dean Wampler, Ph.D.
 2010-02-17  Intellectual Property Law in the Internet Age  Kelly Kocinski
 2010-01-20  WPF: The Windows Desktop Reloaded
 2009-12-16  Mobile Game Development  Justin C. Moore, Metamoorephesis 
 2009-11-12  Scaling the Web with Prudence  Tal Liron 
 2009-10-27  Serious Games  Maria Klawe, ACM Distinguished Speaker
 2009-06-10  Ioke: A folding language  Ola Bini, Thoughtworks
 2009-06-10  Firewalls and IPCop  Stephan V Bechtolsheim
 2009-05-13  History of Parallel & Concurrent Computing  Dr. Cary Gray
 2009-04-17  The Path to Artificial Life  Larry Yaeger, Professor in the School of Informatics at Indiana University Bloomington
 2009-03-11  Obama for America: Rapid Response Team  Walker Hamilton, Site Architect for Obama for America 
 2009-02-11  No Myth: Keeping software fun, profitable, professional (and local!)  Doug Wilson, Breakthrough Technologies 
 2009-01-14  Creating a Top Ranked Multimedia Blog and Web Site  Jason Heath, and 
 2008-12-10  Computational Finance  Dr. Mark Bennett, Rho Trading Securities 
 2008-11-12  Cryptography: From Enigma to Elliptical Curve Cryptography  Donald Costello, ACM Distinguished Speaker
 2008-10-15  Who’s In Charge Of Your Career?  Sam Phelps, 

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