Get to know our Officer candidates

For Chapter Chair:
Anushka Anand
 is a PhD student in Computer Science at the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC). Her research interests are data mining and information visualization. She develops algorithms that analyze large data to discover patterns and anomalies and display them in interactive environment facilitating visual exploration and understanding by human data analysts. She has been the President of the Computer Science Graduate Student Association at UIC for the last two years initiating a  weekly Short Research Talks Series inviting students and faculty to give 20 minute talks on technical topics and issues like entrepreneurship. Also, Anushka has served as the Secretary of the Graduate Student Government for the last 2 years handling the logistics of their monthly general body meeting of 60 representatives of all the graduate departments at UIC and has served on various administrative committees including the Search Committee for the President of the University of Illinois in 2009-10. For more details on her extra-curricular activities and research, visit:

The ACM Chicago Chapter has the potential to be a truly vibrant community of technology enthusiasts interested in learning, sharing ideas and growing the tech-impact of Chicago. As Chair, I plan to invigorate the chapter and raise its membership through programming that appeals to all. The Chicago ACM chapter is surrounded by excellent academic institutions, prominent technology companies, and a growing startup community. Through active promotion and expanded networking, we can leverage this unique positioning to bring together researchers and industry experts to showcase cutting-edge research and technology.

For Chapter Vice-Chair:
Andrew Klein

I have been working in software in Chicago since 1978. My training was in Astrophysics, but I had always been fascinated by the way a program - something written - could actually do something. The externals of computing have changed a lot since then but the essentials are still just as interesting as they've ever been. I hope to bring speakers, topics, and presentations to the Chicago ACM that reflect what we can do today, maybe remind us of how far we've come, and hint about where we might yet go.

For Chapter Secretary:
Ilia Smirnov
got strongly interested in computers in 8th grade in the era of Russian clones of the PDP-11, and then continued a winding path through such thrilling things as CP/M, Turbo Pascal, Sun Solaris and Perl up to VB and Java. It all didn’t distract him from obtaining  an MS in Engineering Geology and also an MS in Mathematics from Moscow State University. These two degrees were absolutely useless in a startup he joined to build small office LANs, but surprisingly assisted in writing articles for a Russian computer magazine. His exposure to Java and multiple certifications helped him to find a job in the US – first as a consultant in New Jersey (writing software for clinical studies and ECG analysis) and then at financial companies in Chicago including ABN AMRO and Newedge (formerly Calyon Financial). Working on his third MS (now in Computational Finance) at DePaul University, he developed interest in risk management, which led him to the current position at Quantitative Risk Management, where he struggles on reconciling C# and C++ code. Two children leave him almost no time to update his travel photography site and peruse books on European history and economics, but the quiet environment in the office is very good for listening music spanning periods from Baroque to Deep Purple. 

Ilia would like to help in further development of the Chapter's presence on the web and social networks and in organizing a program for the next season. His suggested theme is "Made in Chicago" in recognition of the role of local companies and individuals in providing innovative software products.

For Chapter Treasurer:
Greg Neumarke has been involved with the Chicago Chapter of the ACM for almost 20 years now, starting with a recommendation to attend the SIGART meetings from his Computer Science professor at North Park University in Chicago. Greg worked for many years for a non-profit as part of a small do-everything IT team supporting an office staff of 100, and also helping organize technology for a retail bookstore and annual events. He is now exploring and volunteering in new career directions in open source/Linux, computer refurbishing and education.

I have served the Chapter in the past as Chair, Secretary, and Treasurer, and will provide continuity to the board as we bring in three new officers.